April 5, 2010

For Indian youth, tortured romance is so last century

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There was a time in India when love was the stuff of Romeo and Juliet. A relationship was serious business, meant to result in marriage and survive all odds. Unrequited love was sheer torture, and moving on was unheard of. Of course, nothing reflected this better than popular Bollywood cinema.

Today, however, reality shows like MTV SplitsvillaChannel V Dare 2 Date and Channel V Love Net paint an entirely different picture. Judging by the young people on these shows, there seems to be a new casualness to relationships. It’s no longer necessary to end up with the first boy you like, and the interesting part is that it’s fine not to be heartbroken about it.

Some marketing communications is now reflecting this trend, aiming to identify with the new breed of urban cool. The traditional pain of parting is replaced with a friendly shake of hands in recent work from the telecom Tata Docomo (which uses the line “When every day is different, why have a fixed plan?”); youth-oriented watch and accessory brand Titan Fast Track emphasizes that it’s cool to “move on.” As young India grows more practical over matters of the heart, watch for more youth brands to take note of this trend.

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1 | hari krishnan

April 6th, 2010 at 9:25 pm


The new parental equation is an important factor in shaping this guiltless experimentative outlook. Mother-father Relationships are more transparent than ever. The youth is not shown a ‘pretty portrait of a relationship for keeps’ any more.

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