May 13, 2010

Indian marketing reflects modern realities of love and arranged marriage

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India is the original land of arranged marriages. But a lot is changing, including the way young people view such marriages. The modern breed of independent, working women doesn’t want to be rushed into an arranged match. Not-so-subtle inquiries from everyone including the local shopkeeper and the constant bombardment of “perfect matches” from so-called well-wishers often lead anxious parents to question themselves—whether they overdid it in bringing their daughter up in a liberalized way.

We’ve written about marketing communications that reflects Indian youth’s new attitude toward dating and romance. Now Tanishq, a well-known jewelry brand, is lightheartedly tackling the new dynamic between parents—the traditional matchmakers—and their modern daughters. In this TV spot, the sheer lure of lavish wedding jewelry helps open the mind of a daughter to meeting a match. The woman is first seen literally in the driver’s seat as her dad touts the virtues of a young man in America (“San Jose—not interested!” she responds). Her mother wisely tries a different tactic, leading them to a Tanishq store, where the young woman is wooed by gorgeous wedding jewelry. It seems that the heartstrings of today’s single women can still be tugged—not necessarily with the promise of love or happily ever after but with the age-old magic of the great Indian wedding.

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1 | Nick

April 29th, 2012 at 8:57 pm


Thanks for sharing this! It’s interesting to see how India’s advertising and media agency’s are mixing up the chaginging realites of this demographic with tried and true reverse pyschology.

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