June 9, 2010

Fatherhood 2.0: Geek dads who blog

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Daddy_blogger“Will 2010 be the year of the daddy blogger?” asked Fleishman-Hillard’s Jessica Smith last August on her blog. After all, 2009 saw a record number of stay-at-home dads in the U.S. (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), a major campaign from Sony targeting daddy bloggers, and launches of community networks like Dad Blogs and Digital Dads. The phenomenon seems to be spurred by the recession and the rise of breadwinning wives (as reported in January by the Pew Research Center).

While our research has found that mothers are still very much the household’s operational and emotional core, more men are playing active fatherhood roles and writing about their lives. Moms who blog are already highly organized, and this year the first conference focused on daddy bloggers, the Modern Media Man Summit (M3), will be held in Atlanta.

While there are several flavors of Modern Dad, it’s the Geek Dad who dominates the daddy blogosphere. He uses the social Web to connect with other dads and eagerly integrates the latest gadgets into family rituals, using the iPad for bedtime storytelling or playing video games to earn his kid modern-day Boy Scout badges. Technology is a means to an end: creating more quality moments of family time. For example, GeekDad, a new book from the Wired blog of the same name, highlights “awesomely geeky projects for dads and kids to share.”

Edelman Digital recently wrote about the need for brands to engage these blogging dads. Indeed, the landscape of the daddy blogosphere is only just emerging, and consumer electronics may not be the only product category that resonates. As Mike Johnson of PlaygroundDad.com reports, “Daddy blogging is not the movement. Being a bigger part of your kid’s life is the movement. Daddy blogging is the result of that.”

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1 | Ben Hoyt

June 14th, 2010 at 9:31 pm


That guy (and baby) look familiar! Thanks for the link, BTW. I do actually blog, though strictly speaking I hadn’t started it when that picture was taken. :-) We’ve since moved from NZ to NYC.

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