July 8, 2010

Loft shows Facebook fans it cares about their complaints

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With consumers still spending cautiously, retailers must work hard to show they understand their customers’ needs. Social media is one way to go, but simply collecting Facebook fans or responding to negative Tweets, comments, etc., won’t necessarily forge long-term loyalty. Rather, as we advise in our Social Media Checklist, brands must truly address the issues that are driving customer complaints. The Ann Taylor retail brand Loft recently showed how to do so promptly and easily.

Several Loft fans on Facebook noted that they’d prefer to see the retailer’s new silk cargo pants on “real women” rather than the tall blonde shown in photos on the page. “I have my doubts that these will look flattering on anyone other than the model!” wrote one woman. “What about pear shapes, or short legged? Or plus size?” So the next day, Loft showcased five staffers of various heights and sizes, wearing the pants as part of their regular work outfits.

LoftThis fast response to fans’ feedback generated very positive comments. Said one commenter: “Thank you so much for doing this. I’ll be shopping at your stores more often now and suggesting you to friends as well!” While social media gives brands a great tool to interact with consumers, many are missing simple opportunities such as this one to show they’re listening and demonstrate reasons to buy.

Photo credit: LOFT Official Facebook Page

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