August 12, 2010

Automatic check-ins

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shopkickThe latest buzz in the check-in service space is around Shopkick, a mobile app that is partnering with Best Buy and Macy’s to launch its own version of the check-in. Rather than rely on consumers to check in to a retailer using GPS (and risk the possibility of fake check-ins), Shopkick has installed custom “Signal” hardware in Best Buy stores that triggers a check-in when a user enters the space. The app immediately awards points (“kickbucks”) and continues to offer deals/rewards, tailored to the department the user is visiting. Details of the Macy’s partnership have yet to be announced. As Shopkick’s co-founder explains to TechCrunch, “This is the physical world equivalent of an online click.”

Apps that reduce friction around check-ins and simplify the barrier to engagement have a better chance at success. Shopkick tracks consumer behavior at point of purchase and offers highly targeted deals in real time. Brands should explore such enhanced, personalized shopping experiences as they seek new opportunities for CRM and other loyalty measures.

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