October 19, 2010

Changing India: Trends for the Near Future

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IndiaIn our latest piece of research, Changing India: Trends for the Near Future, we examine how rising prosperity is changing relationship dynamics, moral views, consumption patterns and overall lifestyles in urban India. Common drivers behind these trends include globalization/Westernization, modernization, urban migration, rising stress and increased connectivity.

What it means to be Indian in today’s globalized world is evolving as India contends with the push-pull between modernity and tradition. The resulting cultural shifts we’re seeing present new opportunities for marketers to reach and resonate with growing consumer segments. Savvy brands are in a unique position to help bridge the divide between new and old ways by showing how a liberalized Indian mind-set can be expressed within traditional cultural norms.

This project is the outcome of a trends workshop held in Goa with nearly two dozen planners from JWT India and the New York-based global trends team, as well as secondary research and analysis. Click here for more on this research from Coffee and Donuts, JWT India’s planning blog.

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1 | sneha jangde

July 21st, 2011 at 2:33 am


its a really good & informative report

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