April 8, 2011

Last Night Never Happened

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Most people know that almost anything they do can somehow end up online, sometimes resulting in social media mortification. That’s where “the world’s first ‘morning-after’ app” comes in, saving the user from slurred Tweets, messy Facebook photos and clumsy comments. Last Night Never Happened is a novelty example of Outsourcing Self-Control, one of our “10 Trends for 2011.”

Users provide the app with access to their Twitter and/or Facebook accounts, then specify how many hours going back they want to erase; there’s also the option to replace ill-advised comments with nicer ones. While the app doesn’t impose self-control per se, it helps users quickly wipe the slate clean after a messy night. In what other ways can brands provide consumers with easy “do over” options? —Lindsey Stafford

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