May 4, 2011

Battle of the green bottles

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Environmentally friendlier bottles are fast becoming a must for brands. Over the past few months, Coca-Cola and Pepsi brands have made frequent announcements that they would be offering greener bottles. Last month Coca-Cola’s Odwalla brand introduced a plant-based bottle made entirely of materials derived from sugarcane (for Odwalla fans, the downside is that it holds almost three ounces less juice). Pepsi announced that next year it will test production of a bottle made from bio-based materials, including switchgrass and corn husks. And Heinz is licensing Coke’s recipe for plant-based bottle manufacturing for new ketchup bottles, due on shelves next month.

It looks like competitive pressures are helping to drive change: As Reuters noted, Pepsi boasted that its upcoming bottle “far surpasses existing industry technologies,” seemingly a dig at Coke’s PlantBottle. Smaller manufacturers, however, complain that rather than competing, big companies should share their breakthroughs so that everyone can get greener. —Patty Orsini

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1 Response to "Battle of the green bottles"

1 | Bob

May 9th, 2011 at 2:53 pm


Ironic that the image in the ad is of bottled water, increasingly seen as one of the least “green” beverage alternatives.

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