August 4, 2011

Less multitasking, more savoring the moment: life lessons from Nestea

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Multitasking has become an intrinsic part of life, and technology is both helping us get more done at once and pushing us to multitask constantly. We’re becoming less productive at work as our focus gets splintered and in our personal lives too, as we get pulled away from the moment. In Spain, Nestea taps into this with a commercial that uses the tagline “Welcome to this moment.” We see a kissing couple, a mom, a mountain climber and a picnicker getting distracted by everything from electronic devices to a squirrel. “The key for enjoying life is putting all our attention in each moment, to enjoy it like it deserves,” says the narrator as a woman throws her partner’s phone away and he joins her in drinking an iced tea at a picnic.

The spot illustrates what seems to be a growing desire to simply slow down and be more fully present, both for loved ones and for personal fulfillment. (The rise of De-teching—one of our 10 trends for 2011—is a key part of this shift.) We recently spotlighted a PSA from West Australia that urges people not only to drive more slowly but to slow down altogether, reminding viewers that by doing so, “we may do fewer things, but what we do, we do well.” Marketers in many categories have opportunities to endorse a more sane pace of life and position their brand at the center of this healthy mind-set.

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1 | CK dela Cruz

September 10th, 2011 at 1:57 am


I couldn’t agree more. I hope that its a mindset that will proliferate from the home to our work and influence society as a whole.

Technology is supposed to be a tool to help make daily work life and tasks easier and more manageable (so we can have more quality time). It’s changing (or likely has changed) our way of life not always for the better, technology and all the gadgetry around definitely made many of us better worker (like multi-tasking humanoid robots).

But has technology and its ability to create multi-taking apps & gadgets truly enabled us to find significant quality time? Or has it just enabled us to put more weight on accomplishing more tasks, want to buy more things to fulfill wants that at the end of the day doesn’t really give much fulfillment and made us more tired and insanely dependent on technology?

What happened to the simple life?

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