August 16, 2011

Sydney’s Luna Park lets visitors share their experiences in real time

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Luna Park, a theme park in Sydney, recently announced “My Experience” a way for guests to integrate the real-world experience with their digital lives. Visitors who buy an Unlimited Rides Pass, which includes park discounts, receive wristbands that they register online using smartphones. These can sync with friends’ wristbands for the “Extreme-O-Meter” rating to see who tallies up the most rides. Rides have live photography, which can be uploaded to Facebook in real time, and a “Status Launcher” at each exit where participants can update to Facebook with a swipe of their wristband, choosing from a list of statements. At day’s end, guests are emailed an experience summary, which is also posted to Facebook.

Reminiscent of Coca-Cola’sreal-life Like,” the wristbands are a great idea, especially since the theme park demographic is closely aligned with Facebook’s. The interactive experience can make it more memorable for guests and gives them photographic proof that doesn’t feel forced, tapping into the one-upmanship that runs through social media (and the resulting FOMO). Having everything posted straight to Facebook is brilliant press for Luna Park too. The Extreme-o-Meter adds an element of gamification, introducing some friendly competition to amp up the fun—somewhat akin to an extreme Foursquare.

My Experience makes the theme park more culturally relevant and lets Luna Park serve as a catalyst for both making and saving memories. Brands with heavily tech-savvy and connected demographics should be fully incorporating this type of integrated experience.

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