November 18, 2011

Weekly roundup: Coffee becomes a luxury, ‘80 is the new 65’ and smartphoneography

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-McKinsey Quarterly outlines why the cheap commodity prices that helped fuel 20th century prosperity will remain high and volatile for the near future.

-The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is warning that “extreme weather events” will only increase in coming decades.

-Reuters’ Chrystia Freeland examines corruption in India and the middle class’s rising anger over the dark side of rapid growth.

-A New York Times column observes that while austerity was simply accepted in postwar Europe, it’s a different story today, with Europeans viewing affluence as a given.

-The Economist examines the rising economic importance of immigrant diasporas and reports that mass migration is changing how people do business.

-Profiling a Peruvian retailing mogul, The Wall Street Journal spotlights how upward mobility in Latin America is opening up opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

-The widening income gap has significantly shrunk the number of American families living in middle-income neighborhoods, according to a new study, The New York Times reports.

-An influx of Hispanics is reviving dying rural towns in America’s Great Plains, says The New York Times.

-Retailers are using special packaging in a bid to recreate the in-store “theatrical shopping experience” for online customers, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-“Malls are morphing into one-stop shops,” says the L.A. Times, spotlighting how shopping centers are diversifying to look more like Main Street.

-The New York Times spotlights the economic ramifications of more adult children living at home.

-“Eighty is the new 65” when it comes to Americans thinking about retirement, according to a Wells Fargo survey spotlighted by BusinessWeek.

-Adweek examines the obstacles to widespread adoption of NFC payments.

-The Next Web looks at the future of mobile design.

-The New York Times Nick Bilton looks at the mobile phone accessories that enable “smartphoneography.”

-MediaPost outlines 12 food trends for 2012 from consulting firm Andrew Freeman & Co.

-An I.H.T. special report on “The Business of Green” includes a look at a soy substitute becoming popular in Europe and how European winemakers are responding to climate change.

-Good has a look at how climate change is about to turn coffee into a luxury commodity.

-Chocolate brands are looking for growth among the newly rich in emerging markets, reports The Financial Times.

-Foodies take to specialty oils made from pumpkin seeds, argan, avocados and turnips, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-The New York Times examines how Chinese perceptions of imported car brands differ from elsewhere in the world.

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