December 23, 2011

Weekly Roundup: A Chinese Christmas, biggest Facebook addicts and wearable tech

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-Three professors examine the rising soft power of the emerging world in The Financial Times.

-Indian techies are disgruntled about Internet censorship plans, reports NPR.

-The New York Times looks at the advances India’s “Untouchables” are making in an era of rapid growth and change.

-Brazilian tourists are boosting America’s economy: The Wall Street Journal reports they are the biggest foreign spenders in key markets such as New York City and Florida.

-American conservation groups “are reshaping their missions in a time of generational transition,” reports The New York Times.

-Despite floundering economies, “the world has become a more charitable place over the last 12 months,” according to the latest World Giving Index.

-Retail analysts tell The Boston Globe that shoppers are increasingly cause-conscious when it comes to how they choose holiday gifts.

-The Financial Times examines how smartphones and price-comparison apps are “transforming the nature of shopping.”

-“The future of the Internet’s here. And it’s creepy,” declares Fast Company, spotlighting new studies on text messaging and digital surveillance.

-The Internet of Things is upon us, says The New York Times, taking a look at how “the Industrial Internet” is being realized.

-The Atlantic gives us 10 health stories to watch for 2012.

-IBM issues its “5 for 5” forecast—five tech advances the company believes will happen within five years—as CNET reports.

-More immediately: Five trends to watch at CES 2012 from an Accenture exec, in Forbes.

-U.S. teens have chilled out on cigarettes and alcohol, but pot use is on the rise, according to The Los Angeles Times.

-Christians may be a small minority in China, but Christmas is all the rage among Chinese, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

-Today’s men believe skin care is less about vanity and more about professionalism, leading to a revival in high-end men’s grooming products, reports The New York Times.

-Nick Bilton looks at the advent of “wearable computing.”

-The New York Times investigates how video chatting is reshaping domestic rituals.

-Israelis and Argentinians are the world’s top social media addicts—one of the findings in comScore’s new report “It’s a Social World: Top 10 Need-to-Knows About Social Networking and Where It’s Headed.”

-The New York Times ponders whether social networking has rendered the high school reunion obsolete.

-Cited by some as better for the environment than cattle, bison meat is seeing a spike in demand, NPR reports.

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