December 16, 2011

Weekly Roundup: Americans are poor and single, edible cosmetics and obesity in Africa

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-Foreign Policy unveils its annual list of 100 global thinkers.

-Ghana is one of the world’s fastest expanding economies, reports The Financial Times.

-The Economist looks at demographic forecasts for Africa, and reports on an obesity epidemic in South Africa.

-U.S. Census data shows that nearly 1 in 2 Americans are now considered to be in the low-income bracket.

-A Pew Research study finds that the percentage of married Americans is at an all-time low; The Week sums it up.

-The Financial Times looks at the impact of “job-devouring” new technologies on American workers.

-Time nominates “the protestor” as Person of the Year.

-America is in a design rut, observes Kurt Anderson in a Vanity Fair piece that argues, “Popular style has been stuck on repeat, consuming the past instead of creating the new.”

-“Retail needs to get more human at all levels,” writes a Harvard Business Review blogger, arguing that the future of retail is to be found in its distant past.

-“Department store restaurants are back,” says American Public Media’s Marketplace—a manifestation of Retail as the Third Space, one of our 10 Trends for 2011.

-Brick-and-mortar bookstores are faring well this holiday season, reports The New York Times—but given that Amazon has been selling around a million Kindles a week, the good news may be short-lived.

-Almost a quarter of EU citizens have never used the Internet, Reuters reports, with the gap widening between digitally up-to-date Northern Europe and the rest of the continent.

-The New York Times looks at Facebook holdouts and why U.S. growth is slowing for the social network.

-With the emergence of Siri, a new type of mobile phone rudeness is on the rise, The New York Times reports.

-“Distracted doctoring” is a growing problem as more medical staff use smartphones and other connected devices for their work, according to The New York Times.

-The New York Times describes the Occupy Movement as a “watershed moment” for streaming online video and companies such as Livestream and Ustream.

-Holiday photo cards are getting more sophisticated, high-impact and costly, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-The Atlantic lists the 10 biggest ideas of 2011, as well as the 10 biggest international stories of the year.

-The words of 2011 from Visual Thesaurus.

-The New York Times takes a look at the slew of new cosmetics you can eat or drink.

-In an attempt to make candy more “manly,” says The Wall Street Journal, specialty chocolatiers are adding beer.

-Self-cleaning clothes? It’s possible, according to an NPR report.

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