February 9, 2012

What’s Cooking? Our latest report tracks trends in food

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What and how we eat today might look quite baffling to anyone who’s missed the past decade: buying gluten-free treats from a food truck; “Foodspotting” an order of locally sourced, heirloom vegetables. Yet at the same time we’re reconnecting with our past, looking to eat more communally and celebrating regional food traditions, even digging up antique recipes. For our February trend report, we take a look at what’s changing when it comes to how we find, cook and eat food, how we think about what we eat and how brands are marketing food.

It’s an expansive topic, and we don’t attempt to be comprehensive. Instead, “What’s Cooking? Trends in Food” looks at the category through the lens of eight relevant macro trends JWT has highlighted over the past few years—including Food as the New Eco-Issue, Screened Interactions and Maximum Disclosure—as well as three overarching trends shaping food today: the influence of technology, the rise of health and wellness, and foodie culture. Within these trends, we spotlight myriad things to watch we’ve been tracking.

In addition to desk research for this report, we interviewed influencers and experts in food, received input from the JWT planning network and conducted quantitative surveys in the U.S. and the U.K. Download our report here.

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