March 23, 2012

Data point: Mobile users want speedy, seamless experiences

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This excerpt from an infographic by spotlights a few interesting facts about American mobile users. As handset prices drop and high-speed connectivity becomes more widespread, a significant portion of consumers are relying on smartphones as their sole outlet to the Web. They browse, socialize and buy, with almost 8 in 10 people using their phone for shopping. And as consumers come to rely more on their phones, they increasingly expect their mobile experiences to be fast and friction-free, quickly abandoning pages that are slow.

In our new report, 15 Ways Mobile Will Change Our Lives, based on takeaways from the recent Mobile World Congress, we note that mobile will become steadily more simple and seamless for users. Technologies like NFC (near field communication), for instance, will enable easy mobile payments. And as on- and offline retailing integrate and overlap, a mobile shopper can simply snap a photo or tap a sensor, then collect the order or have it delivered. To view the full report, click here.

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