June 26, 2012

Smarter Check-ins

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In describing Smarter Check-ins, one of our 100 Things to Watch in 2012, we highlighted Qantas’ use of RFID-enabled frequent flier cards that function as boarding passes. Further simplifying check-in, the Australian airline now offers RFID-enabled baggage tags as well, linking luggage with the flier’s flight info to ensure proper handling. Elsewhere, France’s Toulouse-Blagnac airport is aiming to use NFC technology to enable travelers to “pass seamlessly through the airport using just their mobile phones” by 2013-2014. It’s testing the system with 50 frequent fliers this summer. The airport’s CEO notes that “The mobile phone now becomes a personalized tool, displaying the required information at the right moment.” And Japan Airlines is due to debut NFC-based mobile boarding later this year. —Nick Ayala

Image credit: Qantas

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1 | Will Palley

June 28th, 2012 at 4:33 pm


Dallas airport is also trialing a system that allows travelers to check-in using their fingerprint. http://www.ubergizmo.com/2012/06/airport-checkins-made-easier/

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