October 26, 2012

Data point: Consumers see happiness as a core ingredient for health

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People are coming to see happiness as a core component of health and wellness, according to a survey we conducted for our October trend report, “Health and Happiness: Hand in Hand.” Almost two-thirds of respondents said being a happy person is an important part of being healthy—a far higher percentage than those who chose several conventional aspects of health, such as taking vitamins or visiting a doctor regularly. A majority of respondents also cited key components of happiness as ingredients for health: having a positive attitude, spending time with friends and family, maintaining a work-life balance, making time for interests and hobbies.

Our survey of 744 American and 503 British adults was conducted in August using JWT SONAR™, our proprietary online tool. Overall, as many as 9 in 10 respondents said happiness can have a positive impact on one’s health and vice versa. More brands around the world are now linking the two concepts, with taglines like “Happy Inside. Happy Outside,” from All-Bran in India. For more examples, find our report on SlideShare or click here to download it.

1 Response to "Data point: Consumers see happiness as a core ingredient for health"

1 | Trivedi Effect

October 26th, 2012 at 3:53 pm


I totally agree that happiness is very important to health.
I also agree that a positive attitude and making time for hobbies and interests are also important. Great read.

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