December 21, 2012

Weekly Roundup: Cognitive computing, Africa goes to space and ugly Christmas sweaters

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-A new OECD report finds that in most of the developed world, women work more hours per day than men, if unpaid work is included.

-From personal 3D printer ownership to self-driving cars, The Atlantic releases its list of 10 ideas that changed the world in 2012.

-Covering everything from culture to politics, The Guardian releases an interactive outline of the year in review.

-With unemployment still high among young Americans, a growing number of them are homeless, reports The New York Times.

-In a place where cheap live-in help was once aplenty, India is going through a cultural change, with more unskilled workers opting for new urban jobs over domestic work, according to The Economist.

-Boosted by growing economies and falling research costs, many governments in Africa are investing in space exploration, according to The Wall Street Journal.

-The Atlantic’s J.J. Gould examines the prevalence of slavery and human trafficking around the globe.

-In the wake of the Newton, Conn., elementary school shooting, Hollywood and TV firms have an important conversation about violent imagery in entertainment.

-The New York Times looks at the trend of online-only stores opening physical outlets.

-The Wall Street Journal examines a push among some insurance companies to make virtual doctor visits mainstream.

-In its annual 5 in 5 predictions, IBM forecasts the rise of cognitive computing—where machines behave, think and interact like humans.

-The Guardian explores whether the future of media is mobile.

-BloombergBusinessweek takes a look at what’s next after 4G.

-A new Mintel report suggests that the breakfast market is ripe for disruption, explains MediaPost.

-In the U.S., hybrid and plug-in car sales are rising according to a Mintel report covered in MediaPost.

-MarketWatch says retro toys are hot this holiday season, with consumers buying “revived relics of their youth.”

-The New York Times looks at the cultural revival of the ugly Christmas sweater.

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