January 17, 2013

OK Cupid’s ‘Crazy Blind Date’

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In the era of algorithm-based online matchmaking, U.S. dating site OK Cupid is aiming to reintroduce serendipity into the process by sending people on a Crazy Blind Date. This app taps into one of our 10 Trends for 2012, Reengineering Randomness, wherein people will seek more randomness, discovery and inspiration as our worlds become more personalized and niche.

Unlike most other services that provide detailed layers of information, Crazy Blind Date reveals only the basics (age, gender, sexual orientation)—and then scrambles profile pictures, making the date truly “blind.” Users are matched based on times and locales that they’re available. “We’re pulling out all the photo filters and the back-and-forth and turning your life over to computers and algorithms,” OK Cupid co-founder and chief executive told The New York Times. —Will Palley

Image credit: Crazy Blind Date

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