January 29, 2013

Hospitality industry works to stay fit

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The hospitality industry is rolling out new and more varied options for fitness on the go. The prime example is Even, a middle-market fitness-oriented franchise that InterContinental Hotels Group plans to debut near New York City’s Grand Central station in 2014. Amenities will include a large gym, guest rooms kitted out with fitness walls and/or exercise balls, and quick-turnaround laundry service for gym clothes. In keeping with the health theme, the food offerings will be organic and the toiletries natural.

Along with working out, yoga is becoming a more popular amenity. As The New York Times recently reported, several hotel chains—including Singapore-based COMO, Kimpton Hotels and Affinia—have offered yoga equipment, instructional videos or classes for a while, and more are joining in. Last year, for instance, Hilton test-marketed the idea of adding a dedicated yoga room for guests and Westin created more space for yoga in its fitness centers. San Francisco International Airport built a yoga room for travelers.

Today’s lifestyle tends to be “do what I can when I can,” with consumers trying to cram a bit of everything into their busy lives. Plus, they’re blurring work and personal time—attending to business emails while on vacation but also taking some “me” time on business trips. With new research showing the downside of sitting for long periods and the benefits of even brief workouts, watch for hospitality providers to compete more keenly when it comes to variety and depth of fitness options.

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