January 31, 2013

Kit Kat’s ‘No WiFi Zone’

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With consumers connected to multiple digital devices wherever they go, more are seeking to log off, at least temporarily. In line with this trend, which we dubbed De-Teching back in 2010, Kit Kat launched Wi-Fi-free zones in Amsterdam to help people “have a break,” as the brand’s tagline goes in part. Created in collaboration with JWT, the initiative went against the grain of proliferating public Wi-Fi by blocking Internet access within a 5-meter radius. The aim, as the brand explains, was to help urbanites “escape e-mails, updates, tags or likes. Instead, they could enjoy a good old newspaper or a hardcover book. Some even had a real conversation. Whilst eating a Kit Kat of course.” Watch for more marketers to offer creative ways for people to disconnect. —Will Palley

Image credit: Kit Kat

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