February 15, 2013

Weekly Roundup: Catholicism’s changing face, mass connoisseurship and mobile banking

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-The Economist takes a look at how IBM and other tech firms are turning their attention to Africa.

-Fast Company releases its “World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies” list.

-A New York Times writer examines the rise of mass connoisseurship, with Americans now taking a highly discriminating approach to everything from cupcakes to cars.

-In the wake of the Pope’s resignation, Pew releases an analysis of how the global Catholic population has changed over the past century.

-American banks are adding new mobile options as customers become more comfortable with banking by smartphone, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-Business Insider looks at trends in e-commerce and social media.

-Fast Company presents learnings from Apple, Netflix and Nike on why having a core competency is a thing of the past.

-The Wall Street Journal spotlights new technologies designed to make driving easier and safer.

-The BBC explores the advent of connected cars and why cars are “the next digital playground.”

-The Wall Street Journal looks at “The Rise of the Rent-a-Porsche.”

-comScore releases a report on trends in digital behavior, online video, mobile and search in the U.K.

-Showrooming may not be as pervasive as some retailers think, according to a new study.

-A Fast Company columnist looks at the rise of the “self-service economy.”

-The New York Times takes a look at whether digital price tags might replace analog retail displays.

-The New York Times reports on why the seemingly outdated fax machine remains popular in Japan.

-The Wall Street Journal examines the state of the gum category and why U.S. sales are declining.

-USA Today reports that North American airports are expanding their high-end retail options.

-The New York Times checks out “dinner kits,” a concept already popular in Europe, which cater to consumers who want to cook but have limited time.

-In Adweek, an infographic view of American consumers’ behaviors and attitudes.

-Co.Design spotlights some reasons why wearable technology is “poised to disrupt our lives.”

-The New York Times spotlights the rise of social media for readers.

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