March 29, 2013

Weekly Roundup: Millennials love $, everyone loves messaging apps, and green funerals

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-The New York Times Magazine examines Millennials’ money obsession and the impending wealth gap between younger and older generations.

-The Atlantic reports on the Internet’s “narcissism epidemic.”

-Facebook takes a look at which demographics switched profile pictures to support gay marriage this week, per All Things D.

-Businessweek spotlights Chinese startups looking to challenge American tech successes.

-American schools are embracing “BYOT,” encouraging kids to connect with learning apps by bringing in their own tech devices, reports The New York Times.

-Will Iron Man-like bionic suits ever become widely available to consumers? Businessweek takes a look.

-Over-the-top messaging apps “have become an indispensable form of communication for hundreds of millions of people worldwide,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

-America’s “underground economy” could be as large as $2 trillion, reports Businessweek.

-USA Today reports on how Millennials are driving the rise of “capitalism with a conscience.”

-While Americans have yet to embrace the mobile wallet, they’re enthusiastic about mobile banking, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-A new study finds that cars could become a prime target for cyber attacks, as The FT reports.

-The Guardian spotlights the new breed of devices that aim to help people “drive smarter.”

-The Economist looks at how environmental awareness is changing funerals in the U.K.

-With sales of frozen entrees at a standstill, The Wall Street Journal reports on several companies rethinking the microwaveable meal.

-In 2012, consumers drank less soda than they have in well over a decade, according to Ad Age.

-The Wall Street Journal checks out retiree communities, finding that they’ve become far more fun and fabulous (and costly) than the retirement homes of old.

-Oscar-inspired fashions are already in stores, demonstrating that “the sashay from the red carpet to the mall has gotten a lot faster these days,” Forbes reports.

-The lingo of social media is infiltrating advertising aimed at all demographics, reports The New York Times.

-The Economist takes a look at how some Chinese authors are finding freedom to express themselves online rather than in print.

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