May 17, 2013

Weekly Roundup: Most creative people in business, the programmable world and the new browser

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-Fast Company publishes its annual list of the “100 Most Creative People in Business.”

-The Economist takes a look at how digital tools are changing the art of marketing.

-Wired explores the rise of Intelligent Objects, or what it calls “The Programmable World.”

-The Pew Research Center finds that support for the EU is sinking, and “The European project now stands in disrepute across much of Europe.”

-Another sobering forecast on global warning: One expert warns that hundreds of millions of people will be displaced this century, per The Guardian.

-Middle-class British consumers have become less “sniffy” and bigger fans of bargain-hunting, reports The Economist.

-A Forbes contributor goes “in search of Japan’s missing startups.”

-The Wall Street Journal reports on how manufacturers are using Big Data to change the way factories operate.

-The Economist spotlights the rise of civic crowdfunding and startups that enable community improvements.

-McKinsey speaks with Cisco’s Padmasree Warrior about how “the exponential growth of connectivity between people and devices … will change commerce, business systems, and individual behavior.”

-Web browsers are getting reinvented, a trend The Wall Street Journal says will change how we work and entertain ourselves online.

-Bloomberg Businessweek argues that 3D printing “can be a powerful force for economic and social progress.”

-Bonnie Fuller writes in Ad Age that “Baby-Boomer Marketers Are Misreading Millennials’ Media Behavior.”

-The New York Times examines Americans’ declining interesting in driving.

-The Wall Street Journal reports that retailers are leveraging social media images to show how their clothes and accessories look in the real world.

-Bloomberg reports that the lower end of upper-class Americans (“2 percenters”) are trading down from labels like Prada to brands like Coach.

-The U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization argues that more people will need to eat insects if we’re to sustainably meet the needs of a growing population.

-The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the rise of beverages that give plain old water some soda-like oomph.

-MarketWatch reports that sugar consumption in America is up while sales of artificial sweeteners are falling.

-The New York Times examines the drive to create “in vitro” meat.

-Hotel restaurants are embracing the farm-to-table trend, reports The New York Times.

-The flavor du jour is “birthday cake,” according to USA Today.

-Sriracha is invading pop culture and becoming America’s condiment of choice.

-These days motorcycles are “valued more for their usefulness than their speedy glamour,” observes The Economist.

-Time takes a look at why online passwords may become passé.

-Fast Company explains “how Google made maps human, savvy, and monetizeable.”

-E-books are driving growth in America’s publishing industry, reports Mashable.

-Texting and driving has replaced drinking and driving as the leading cause of death among American teens, per Mashable.

-Hollywood movies are “taking anti-business sentiment to a new level” this summer, reports The Wall Street Journal.

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