July 22, 2013

Reading your pet

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The rise of tracking technology and Intelligent Objects is helping pet owners better understand their animals. Whistle is an on-collar device that monitors activity and health, relaying data to owners via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Whistle takes details such as breed, age and size into account to provide feedback on everything from activity level and quality of sleep to sociability and play time. It can also identify unusual behaviors, potentially enabling early detection of illness. Owners can track the data over time, establish goals for their pets, and easily share the data.

There’s also Tagg, a GPS tracking system that lets pet owners track location and activity, and Wandant, a dog pedometer available in Japan that also monitors health. Meanwhile, Project FIDO out of the Georgia Institute of Technology proposes a wearable computer that would enable assistance dogs to send messages to handlers.  —Alexandra Stieber

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