August 23, 2013

Data point: 27-market AnxietyIndex study finds an anxious world

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Earlier this week AnxietyIndex released JWT’s AnxietyIndex 2013 Global Report, its most extensive study of consumer anxiety to date. AnxietyIndex surveyed 6,075 adults aged 18-plus in 27 markets using SONAR™, JWT’s proprietary online research tool. The study found that anxiety is relatively high overall, with 7 in 10 respondents reporting that they feel anxious; Pakistanis are the most anxious of all (93 percent).

Specific concerns vary widely between regions. Economic anxieties are pronounced in the U.S., where 85 percent are anxious about the economy, compared with 73 percent globally and 62 percent in neighboring Canada. In South America, personal security and government corruption stand out as stress factors; for instance, 78 percent of respondents in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico say they are anxious about personal security, compared with 58 percent of respondents overall. Notably, Brazilians over-index on concerns tied to health care, an issue that was prominent during June’s social protests.

To read more about the levels, intensity and drivers of anxiety around the world, browse the report on SlideShare or download it here.

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