September 12, 2013

Video unleashed: Mobile screens light up with new content

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The mobile device is becoming a prime screen for viewing video, not only short clips but long-form as well, as we note in our report “13 Mobile Trends for 2013 and Beyond.” YouTube reports that more than 25 percent of “global watch time” is via mobile, and leading Chinese video site Youku Tudou has been seeing 50 percent quarter-to-quarter growth in mobile users, tallying 150 million daily mobile viewers. Rival iQiyi has said it garners 200 million monthly mobile viewers, per Tech in Asia. (Interestingly, BrandChannel reports that American TV content is a big hit on these and other video platforms in China.)

A rich mine of content is quickly becoming available to mobile viewers. This fall, TiVo’s Roamio will be able to stream live or recorded cable TV to Apple’s mobile devices. And on Monday, Yahoo released an iOS app, Screen, for video viewing: It’s a portal for content from partners (ABC News, Martha Stewart, etc.), licensed video (e.g., SNL clips) and a crop of original shows. The latter, all comedies, have been created for on-the-go viewing, with episodes lasting only 3 to 11 minutes. Content is organized into channels, which are designed to replicate the experience of channel surfing. The app’s users won’t yet see advertising—which has proved a sticky issue when it comes to mobile video. According to Adweek, FreeWheel reports that mobile represented less than 6 percent of ad views in the second quarter, compared with 13 percent of all video views.

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