November 1, 2013

Weekly Roundup: Kids + tech, digital menus and ‘burqa swag’

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-A new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit examines adoption of the Internet of Things by the global business community.

-As Facebook acknowledges a drop-off in usage among younger teens, the FT reports on what this means for the social network and its rivals.

-An in-depth report from The Guardian unpacks various implications of the NSA revelations.

-NPR and The Guardian this week both did a deep dive into the topic of kids, technology and children’s changing media habits.

-Refinery 29 reports on a WWD study of the shopping habits of Millennials.

-A new report from Kantar Media covers the rise of “digital trendies” in Europe.

-A Pew study examines the growth of digital photo- and video-sharing.

-Businessweek reports on the rise of prank videos in advertising.

-CNN outlines the future of touch technology and the development of haptic (or tactile) devices.

-The New York Times reports on the development of more human-like robots.

-The Wall Street Journal examines how mobile technology is changing the way we dine out.

-Both Reuters and NPR’s The Salt blog take a look at the advent of digital restaurant menus.

-While some reports discounted the forecast, Morgan Stanley predicts a global wine shortage.

-“Juice is a new emblem of modern urban virtue, self-control and simplicity,” writes New York in a look at “the newest liquid-nutrition cultists.”

-Pet owners are increasingly applying their own healthier-eating habits to their dogs and cats, reports the AP.

-Bloomberg Businessweek looks at the divergent opinions on genetically modified foods in Brazil and Mexico.

-The Americas are set to surpass Asia-Pacific as luxury’s biggest growth market, according to new research, via FT.

-Writing for the HBR Blog Network, Larry Downes explains why crowdfunding is approaching its “big-bang moment.”

-Businessweek takes a look at the latest in “smart” apparel.

-A GfK survey on attitudes toward wearable tech finds that price is a major barrier, reports The Guardian.

-3D printing is coming to the art world, reports The New York Times, enabling ultra-high-quality reproductions of masterpieces.

-PolicyMic takes a look at why Millennials care as much about a TV show’s creator as its characters.

-Many women in their 20s are ditching the pill in favor of alternative modes of contraception, explains The Guardian.

-The New York Times spotlights the declining interest in humanities among American college students.

-The International Business Times reports that a significant percentage of Chinese who go abroad to study are dropping out.

-The Atlantic covers how social media is redefining “depression.”

-CBC Radio spotlights “burqa swag,” the popularization of Muslim attire as “costume, fashion, provocation and parody.”

-The FT reports on the rising demand for tattoo removal.

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