January 22, 2014


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Adults will increasingly adopt for themselves the revitalized idea that kids should have plenty of unstructured play, which begets more imagination, creativity and innovation. This idea was among our 10 Trends for 2013, dubbed Play As a Competitive Advantage. In London, we recently noticed a good example of an organization that’s encouraging adult play.

Billing itself as a “real-life activity-based social network,” Antidote hosts events including African drumming, hula hooping and classic game sessions. The organization emphasizes “the value 
of being un-serious and having 
an opportunity to shake off the day” for people fatigued by London’s hectic lifestyle. In today’s Super Stress Era (another one of our trends for 2013), expect more fun-focused, community-oriented endeavors as more people seek not only the benefits of play but new ways to let off steam. —Will Palley

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