February 3, 2014

Brainwave games

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Our 10 Trends for 2014 report outlines the rise of Telepathic Technology: brain-computer interfaces and emotion recognition technology that can read people’s minds and moods. Filmmaker Brent Hoff’s Emotional Arcade uses these tools to gamify emotion: Balloons inflate according to how strongly participants feel an emotion; the first person to burst their balloon is the winner. Seen at Art Basel Miami in 2013, the installation is scheduled to pop up again next week in Brooklyn.

As noted in our report, several mind-controlled games are on the market, including Puzzlebox’s Orbit toy helicopter, recently spotlighted on NPR. Down the road we’ll see practical applications for brain wave-based games, with one neuroscientist suggesting to NPR that they could be used to help improve focus for kids with attention issues. —Will Palley

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