May 6, 2014

Google Now’s predictive shopper

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Predictive Personalization, one of our 10 Trends for 2013, is the idea that brands will increasingly be able to predict customer behavior, needs or wants, and tailor offers and communications very precisely. One of the ways this trend is playing out is with Google Now, the mobile predictive planner launched in 2012. This week Google added the ability to alert users to the proximity of products they may be interested in: If a user has searched for an item using Google and passes a store selling those items, a Google Now “card” pops up to let the user know. Consumers will come to expect this type of preemptive information—as long as brands don’t pester users or overstep bounds of privacy. (Google Now users who don’t like these reminders can easily turn them off.) —Marian Berelowitz

Image credit: Google

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