June 6, 2014

Weekly Roundup: Service robots, the rental society and the plugged-in home

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-A New York Times interactive piece examines how the recession reshaped the U.S. economy, in 255 charts.

-In Latin America, the Pacific-facing nations’ GDP growth is outpacing that of the Atlantic-facing ones, a divergence that will likely continue, reports Businessweek.

-Luxury Daily spoke to trends strategist Will Palley while examining the opportunities for multinational brands in Brazil’s interior.

-Fast Company imagines 10 new jobs that might exist by 2030.

-Ericsson’s latest mobility report forecasts a tenfold rise in mobile data traffic within five years, via CNET.

-A new Adobe report charts the explosive growth of TV Everywhere as many more people watch online video.

-Gigaom creates several timelines tracking developments in artificial intelligence.

-Business of Fashion examines whether cutting-edge in-store technology is actually driving sales.

-The FT reports on the advent of “service robots” that take robotics beyond the factory.

-A Guardian blogger outlines how some corporations are thriving by supporting the communities in which they do business.

-The Wall Street Journal reports on the limitations of 3D printing.

-As labor costs rise in China, more American manufacturers are shifting operations to Mexico, reports The New York Times.

-Americans are increasingly leasing rather than buying cars, part of a shift to what some are calling a rental society, Quartz reports.

-Slate examines how smartphones are becoming a mobile command center for our lives.

-Adweek outlines a few ways marketers will benefit from announcements that Apple made this week.

-The New York Times’ Nick Bilton takes a look at the security issues raised by the advent of the plugged-in home.

-The Economist explores whether people might pay for digital privacy as the commercial use of personal data explodes.

-PwC spotlights six trends that emerge in its latest Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report.

-Engineers and health experts are turning to technology to help seniors age safely in their homes, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-Pew charts the increase in dads who stay home with their kids.

-The New York Times takes a look at “The Evolving World of Gay Travel” and the many hospitality brands vying for business from LGBT travelers.

-The Wall Street Journal spotlights the proliferation of startups offering discounted hotel rooms.

-The emerging global middle class, particularly China’s, has found a taste for dairy, via Businessweek.

-Food Business News looks at organic and natural food trends.

-Research and investment into hydroponic greenhouses is paying off in terms of taste and quality, reports NPR.

-The Los Angeles Times writes that “unusual is the new normal in fine jewelry.”

-Businessweek reports that Hollywood is turning to the 1980s and 1990s for “new” source material.

-Handwriting is becoming a lost art as educators focus on keyboard skills—a trend that some experts see as detrimental to educational development, reports The New York Times.


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