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Online clothes shopping has come a long way from the beginnings of the Internet, when consumers were split between seeing it as the ultimate in convenience (infinite inventory without leaving home!) or a big waste of time (endless scrolling through products! And why buy without trying on?). More than ever, new technologies and strategies are […]

When the Indian government introduced a basic tablet computer that it will sell to students for about $35, it took a step toward bridging the chasm between the very poor and the well-off in a country where just 8 percent of its 1.2 billion people currently use the Internet. “The rich have access to the […]

Athletic shoemaker Puma is thinking outside the box when it comes to greening its packaging. It recently announced that, working with industrial designer Yves Behar, it’s come up with more sustainable shoe packaging: no box at all but rather a reusable bag (made with recycled PET), given structure by a piece of cardboard that fits […]


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