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The latest buzz in the check-in service space is around Shopkick, a mobile app that is partnering with Best Buy and Macy’s to launch its own version of the check-in. Rather than rely on consumers to check in to a retailer using GPS (and risk the possibility of fake check-ins), Shopkick has installed custom “Signal” […]

Wildfire Apps, a branded application developer and interactive marketing platform, has officially launched Group Deals, an application that allows brands to feature Groupon-like discount offers on their Facebook pages. The look and feel of the application is customizable, and brands can designate the discount value, minimum number of participants and required user actions to unlock the […]

MyTown is running a limited promotion to reward users with Facebook’s virtual currency, known as Facebook Credits. The location-based mobile game is one of the first third-party apps to integrate Facebook Credits off-site from, according to the All Facebook blog. Facebook Credits can also be purchased (in the form of physical cards) at half a million […]

Old Spice’s recent social media stunt was a novel way to leverage Life in Real Time, one of our 10 Trends for 2010, and a great social media case study. Extending the popularity of the brand’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” commercials, the now iconic Old Spice Guy starred in about 200 personalized […]

Hot Potato is a location-based social event service that allows users to socialize in real time around live events, upload photos/videos, organize upcoming events and seamlessly integrate these activities with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Hot Potato 2.0 now lets users “check in” to any activity, unrelated to a physical location (e.g., “I’m thinking about …”, […]

StickyBits (described here) recently released its brand toolkit, which allows brands to attach official content to their products, monitor product scans and connect directly with consumers who “check in” to their product. Pepsi is the first brand to sign up. Whereas StickyBits originally enabled consumers to scan the barcode on a real-world product to view […]

On Memorial Day weekend, Travelocity’s notorious traveling gnome was making his rounds on Foursquare, as Mashable reported. The gnome, who also utilized his robust presence on Facebook and Twitter, traveled to London, where he posted photos of first-class travel on Virgin, “checked in” to hot tourist spots, offered Facebook users and Twitter followers a $150 Travelocity discount to […]

In March, Facebook announced it would soon be launching location-based functionality, and it’s now preparing to roll out these features—which will allow users to attach their location to status updates—within the month. As Facebook continues its campaign to become “the fabric of the Web,” these geo-location features may make location-based sharing more prevalent and mainstream. […]

In the wake of Facebook’s new Open Graph, various privacy flubs and buzz about its making more user information public by default, there’s been much debate about online privacy and some backlash against the site (Quit Facebook Day, for example, has 14,000-plus members, who have pledged to deactivate their accounts on May 31). In response, […]


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