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To build its presence in Tokyo, the regional Japanese bank Suruga Bank is inviting office workers into a lounge-y space in one of the city’s biggest towers. The “d-labo” (for “dream laboratory”), which was opened to the public this year, is a novel example of Retail as a Third Space, one of our 100 Things […]

With Japanese consumers reporting an extremely high level of anxiety, a distinct shift is occurring: Many Japanese are looking to the country’s past and the deeper lessons of the culture to find solutions to current issues, especially regarding the environment. (See the Japan version of “The Recession and Its Impact on the Environment” on JWT’s […]

Recently published manga: Grass-Eating Man’s Love Study In Japan, there’s been a lot of buzz recently around soshoku-kei danshi, which translates as herbivorous or “grass eating” men. Political correctness aside, this term refers to the growing number of men age 20 to 34 who display less “masculine” traits than the “meat eaters” dominating the preceding […]

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