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While a college education has historically been seen as a ticket to the middle class and beyond, people are increasingly scrutinizing its ROI. This is especially true in the United States, where a recent graduate’s average debt is now around $20K. Students and their families are wondering whether the investment is ultimately worth it. And a […]

Think DIY and what comes to mind is more likely to be Home Depot than indie rock. But the term is being applied to a vibrant community of artists who produce their work without the benefit of corporate sponsorship and to events that function outside the mainstream entertainment business. DIY performers, who lack the capital […]

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Time recently reported that high-end yoga mats are bucking today’s frugality trend.These mats—the priciest of which cost about $100—are made by a company called Manduka, whose sales rose 55 percent in the first four months of 2009. Manduka now has a distribution deal with nationwide retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods. The article points to several reasons […]

Following the immediate fallout of Michael Jackson’s death, it’s interesting to see the trending in the buzz—at the height of it, Tweets mentioning Jackson reached almost 23 percent of all Twitter messages. This worldwide shared experience through a bevy of other social utilities has helped drive sales of all things MJ, an important lesson for […]

In New York, the cultural and intellectual elite like to scoff at television, bragging that they don’t even own a TV set. (Concept copywriter and satirist Christian Lander pokes fun at this on his blog.) Yet a growing subset of people realize that TV is OK because, well, it’s damn good: The Wire, The Sopranos, […]


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