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McDonald’s recently created a version of Pong on a giant digital billboard in Stockholm and enabled passersby to play it using their smartphones. Players who managed to complete the game in 30 seconds won coupons for free food at the nearest McDonald’s. There was no need to download an app to play, as the game was […]

In another manifestation of our Worlds Colliding trend—the idea that the borders between the digital and the physical worlds are becoming fuzzier—PepsiCo’s new Social Vending System allows people to send free soda to friends. Customers select a beverage and then enter the friend’s name, mobile number and a text message that includes a code that […]

Instead of interrupting players with in-game banner ads between levels or at loading screens, the newly launched company Kiip (pronounced keep) offers tailored, real-world rewards at the most enjoyable moment of the mobile game experience: when players win or earn in-game achievements. (Kiip’s “Real rewards for virtual achievements” fits in with the trend toward digital […]

Harnessing the power of consumer word-of-mouth via online networks is one of the Holy Grails for Web companies right now. Curebit, a startup focused on incentivizing social media referrals, markets a simple add-on solution to e-commerce site or platforms. Shoppers are presented with a referral offer after making a purchase: If they share that purchase […]

Tomorrow, Facebook is scheduled to go live with Sponsored Stories, giving brands the opportunity to transform user activity—status updates, Facebook application use or Facebook Places check-ins—into advertisements. As explained here, these sidebar ads will feature the name of the friend who created the content, the ability to click through to the brand’s page and the […]


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