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JWT Manila recently gave media and marketers a look at how JWT’s 10 Trends for 2013 are playing out in the Philippines. Some businesses, for example, are recognizing that play can be a competitive advantage and introducing it into the work environment. Trainstation is a training consultancy in Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore that fuses […]

For the fourth consecutive year, JWT Manila shared highlights from JWTIntelligence’s 10 Trends for 2012 report with clients and industry partners. The presentation was augmented by insights generated from local ethnographic research and expert interviews that I (the executive planning director in the Philippines) conducted along with planners Jojo Leonardo and Karla DQ De Quiros. […]

There was a distinct twinkle in the eye of Carmela, a new mother I met recently at a consumer interaction for one of our brands. When the conversation touched on postpartum depression and how the women coped, Carmela blurted out, “Ensogo!”—one of the many group-buying sites that has sprung up in the Philippines. (She added […]


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