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Luna Park, a theme park in Sydney, recently announced “My Experience” a way for guests to integrate the real-world experience with their digital lives. Visitors who buy an Unlimited Rides Pass, which includes park discounts, receive wristbands that they register online using smartphones. These can sync with friends’ wristbands for the “Extreme-O-Meter” rating to see […]

Home Plus, the Korean arm of supermarket super-giant Tesco, is enabling smartphone-equipped commuters to browse for grocery items while waiting for the subway. Sheets of photorealistic billboard paper display pictures of the goods, along with QR codes. Shoppers pay on the spot, and the goods are waiting when consumers gets home. It’s a great example […]

Many brands try to create viral Internet sensations, with varying degrees of success. Tying a brand to an existing viral phenomenon—and capitalizing on a built-in audience—can be a smarter route, and our Social Media Checklist advises brands to consider linking up with established successes. In an unprecedented move among consumer-facing brands, the P&G detergent brand Era […]


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