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The Chinese are now the world’s most prolific travelers: According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, 83 million Chinese citizens traveled abroad in 2012, a huge rise from 10 million in 2000, and collectively spent $102 billion. That’s plenty of incentive for the hospitality and tourism industry to spring into action. Marriott teaches its […]

A decade after Friends aired for the last time, the American sitcom is finding new life in China, as a café and as a similarly themed Web show. Beijing’s Central Perk, a replica of its fictional New York counterpart, has been so successful that its owner, Du Xin, recently opened another one in Shanghai. Du […]

With the silver dollar gaining strength as Baby Boomers age, consumer electronics and medical device companies are retooling gadgets for an aging world. The recent IFA electronics trade show in Berlin included phones with bigger buttons, waterproof cell phones and back-friendly robotic vacuum cleaners, as well as its first guided tours for those 60-plus. Design […]

Hackathons are gaining traction in Southeast Asia—appealing to Millennials’ entrepreneurial mindset and desire to make an impact—and shifting from a means for developers to socialize and collaborate into multidisciplinary events in which people with diverse skills build apps that address urban and social issues. Singapore’s first UP (Urban Prototyping) Weekend, in June, saw people from […]

While brick-and-mortar retailers are busy ramping up their online presence, online businesses are getting physical. In the U.S., examples include eBay testing out pop-up shops, Amazon reportedly planning a Seattle store and Gap Inc.’s Piperlime announcing a store, also in Seattle. Here in Singapore, Groupon launched a retail concept store, a first worldwide, in the […]

Our recent trend report on food spotlighted a “roots revival”: a growing appreciation for regional dishes and cooking techniques as a countertrend to international foods infiltrating markets worldwide. In thoroughly modern Singapore, a slew of books, food carnivals and events are focused on preserving the country’s rich, varied and multiethnic food culture. The country’s famous […]


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