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American Express’ new Facebook app “Link, Like, Love” offers card members customized deals based on their social graph. The coupon-less deals include discounts, access and destination offers based on a user’s existing “likes,” interests and friends on Facebook. To use it, Amex cardholders simply “like” the American Express page, link their card by following prompts […]

Near Field Communications (NFC), one of our “100 Things to Watch in 2011,” allows for wireless communication between devices that support NFC. Google’s new Nexus S phone has NFC built in, and the company is working with Visa and MasterCard on enabling mobile payments via NFC terminals. Samsung’s Galaxy S II, due out this summer, […]

L’Oreal recently announced a partnership with Buddy Media to help more than 4,000 salons that carry the brand to promote their businesses on Facebook. Salons can now create a customizable tab on their Facebook pages which will allow them to promote products and post how-to videos (mostly provided by L’Oreal), among other things. L’Oreal is […]

For the month of February, CSI is using its Facebook game, CSI: Crime City, to motivate fans to keep watching the show by posting a question each week that can be answered only by viewing the episode (e.g., “What is the number of the missing DV-tape?”). Correct answers win credits good for in-game bonuses. This […]

In an effort to increase foot traffic to their stores, global clothing retailer Benetton is testing Facebook Deals in Europe by contributing two euros to a nonprofit for each check-in this month. Fittingly, the money is going to a project to construct a technology and media lab for young Kenyans in a poor neighborhood of […]


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