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August 28, 2015


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The power of hipster nostalgia has reached a new peak—freshly reopened Dreamland park in the UK is a restored vintage wonderland, complete with a roller disco, art deco cinema, and restored wooden roller coaster in all its “rickety, grinding glory.”

Target has just launched Open House, a retail experience the brand calls “the most connected house on the block.” Located in San Francisco, Open House brings together the latest devices from the Internet of Things and gives visitors a taste of home life, as enhanced by smart devices.

August 21, 2015

MyHeart Counts

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Apple aims to transform medicine with this month’s UK release of the MyHeart Counts app. Developed with the company’s ResearchKit tool, the free app harnesses the power of big data and smartphone sensors to gather information on fitness and cardiovascular health that would be impossible to collect through traditional research methods.

A new pop-up bar in London makes imbibing easier than ever. Created by “culinary wizards” Bompas & Parr, the installation features a room filled with a gin and tonic mist that gives guests that boozy buzz with a few deep breaths.

Danish retailer Tiger is investing in a series of community-focused initiatives that aim to reinvigorate the sense of social cohesion in urban areas. A hugely successful discount retailer offering impulse products like fake moustaches and packs of salt licorice, Tiger is proving that consumers want brands with a purpose.

A team of developers in Switzerland has created a new kind of wool that reduces slaughterhouse waste by using leftover animal materials from meat manufacturers.

German luxury spa Villa Stéphanie pampers its guests with a new digital-detox treatment. Rooms are equipped to block all wifi signals, so guests can enjoy a tranquil, tech-free experience.

Patagonia is celebrating its 20-year presence in New York City with the launch of a revamped store that embodies the brand’s ideals.

Lululemon, known for bringing everyday sportswear to the mainstream, is now teasing the release of a specialty beer called Curiosity Lager. The fusion of yoga with beer may be counterintuitive, but it matches the mindsets of millennials who are prone to tempering their bar nights with SoulCycle mornings.

July 31, 2015


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A new Swedish startup is combating food waste with leftover fruit. FoPo takes nearly rotten fruit and turns it into a dry powder with a shelf life two years longer than normal fruit. The powder is being trialed in the Philippines as a way to provide disaster relief, as well as jobs, for poor communities.


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