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A new pop-up bar in London makes imbibing easier than ever. Created by “culinary wizards” Bompas & Parr, the installation features a room filled with a gin and tonic mist that gives guests that boozy buzz with a few deep breaths.

Lululemon, known for bringing everyday sportswear to the mainstream, is now teasing the release of a specialty beer called Curiosity Lager. The fusion of yoga with beer may be counterintuitive, but it matches the mindsets of millennials who are prone to tempering their bar nights with SoulCycle mornings.

July 23, 2015

Beer Beauty

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Carlsberg has launched a new Beer Beauty line, the latest in a series of recent innovations, including Burger King’s burger-scented perfume and Lidl’s “Eau de Grill,” that seem to suggest the way to a male beauty consumer’s heart is through his stomach.

-As virtual reality draws attention at the E3 video game industry conference, new systems of etiquette and safety are emerging, says The New York Times. -As more Americans delay children until middle age, Quartz looks at some of the pitfalls of late parenthood. -Not only is men’s fashion getting more creative—men’s runway hair and makeup […]

-Apple has reclaimed the title of “world’s most valuable brand” from Google this year, according to WPP’s latest BrandZ brand ranking list. -NPR notes that amid constant digital innovation, analog notebooks and independent bookstores remain strong, even among the young. -As the “sharing economy” spawns confusing terminology, one of the movement’s strongest proponents breaks down […]

J. Walter Thompson London has just launched its eighth quarterly Austerity Index, a measure of how Britain’s economic downturn is affecting consumers.

As we race to the finish line of 2014, we’re also starting to look to what’s next. At JWTIntelligence, our 10 Trends and later 100 Things to Watch have traditionally marked this transition. This year, in the spirit of newness—new branding, new CEO, new worldwide director of JWTIntelligence (that’s me)—we’re switching things up a little. […]

Read our roundups in magazine form on Flipboard, via the iOS and Android app or online; click here to find our magazine collection. -A New York Times section on the future of money includes a look at a potential “revolution in money,” the credit card of tomorrow and the bank branch of the future. -Americans are becoming […]

As we detail in our new report, “The Brazil Opportunity: A Guide for Marketers,” Brazil is an increasingly important frontier for international brands. Over the past decade, millions of Brazilians have been lifted out of poverty and into the middle class. By 2020, the annual spending power of Brazilian households is expected to add up […]

July 9, 2013

Hard cider

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Move over wine, coffee and beer. A new libation is gaining popularity, fed in part by the growth in gluten-free diets and craft-beer drinkers looking for something new. Sales of cider (the alcoholic kind) tripled in the U.S. between 2007 and 2012, according to IBISWorld (though the $600 million in revenues is a tiny percentage […]


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