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-“Now is the perfect time to be a female entrepreneur,” says TechCrunch. -Business of Fashion explores the oft-overlooked $17 billion plus-size fashion industry. -TechCrunch looks at why huge tech companies have been snatching up tiny, nimble startups. -In the not-too-distant future, thanks to wearables, companies will have access to the most intimate parts of our […]

Hotel giant Starwood has bought in to the sharing economy. The group, which owns W Hotels, St. Regis and Sheraton, has announced a partnership with car service Uber in which every dollar spent by a guest on an Uber car earns points toward free rooms and other perks.

Cooperative Consumption is one of the macro trends covered in our new report 10 Years of 10 Trends, which revisits some of the most significant cultural shifts we’ve explored over the last decade. At the center of that trend is the sharing economy, a topic we discussed with Neal Gorenflo of Shareable, an online hub […]

January 14, 2015

10 Years of 10 Trends

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Ten years ago, J. Walter Thompson made the pioneering move to set up what we now call JWTIntelligence, with the purpose of identifying global consumer trends and interpreting what they mean for brands. In the years since, our annual “10 Trends” report has become widely known. To celebrate a decade of “10 Trends,” our latest […]

Rather than fear or fight the encroachment of the sharing economy, some automakers are embracing it by taking inspiration from this business model. Over the past few years, several major brands have invested in car-sharing schemes, including Daimler’s Car2Go (now in 30-plus cities, most recently Stockholm and Brooklyn) and BMW’s DriveNow, a partnership with car-sharing […]

Two trends we’ve spotlighted are overlapping to create Collective Thrift. In 2008 we talked about Cooperative Consumption—the rise of social networking helping people share everything from cars to clothes. In 2009, Recessionary Living was one of our 10 Trends. In 2010, people are using the cooperative model to reduce their consumption and save money. After […]


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