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Read our roundups in magazine form on Flipboard, via the iOS and Android app or online; click here to find our magazine collection. -A Pew Research Internet Project report takes stock of the Web at 25 (unsurprising overall verdict: It’s been good for society and very good for individual consumers). -BBC examines the wearable technology worn by […]

Who needs 15 minutes? The next generation of celebrities needs only six seconds (running in a continuous loop) to make their mark. Eight-month-old Vine, Twitter’s social video platform, has become the latest go-to for finding influencers and otherwise marketable personalities, as CNET reports. Trident gum recently launched a six-second spot on the Fuse network that’s […]

In our latest trend report, “The Small Movement,” we discuss the cultural shift toward smaller, more streamlined and simpler. Adjusting to this new culture of restraint is tricky for marketers that have relied on tapping into the old “bigger is better” mentality. The trick is to show how a product or service can help relieve […]


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