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-Bloomberg spotlights a wave of Saudi women harnessing Instagram to pursue entrepreneurship despite societal restrictions. -Uber is taking cues from public transit, planning route systems that streamline urban transport, says Fortune. -As economic downturn continues in Brazil, Business of Fashion looks at the country’s shrinking luxury market. -In the midst of economic recovery, US Goodwill […]

Target has just launched Open House, a retail experience the brand calls “the most connected house on the block.” Located in San Francisco, Open House brings together the latest devices from the Internet of Things and gives visitors a taste of home life, as enhanced by smart devices.

-Our worldwide director Lucie Greene weighs in on fashion’s changing gender landscape in The New York Times. -Business Insider looks at how former retail king Gap is revamping its approach for the next generation. -“Is disability fashion’s forgotten diversity frontier?” asks Dazed. -Facebook is now a higher source of traffic to news sites than Google, […]

Danish retailer Tiger is investing in a series of community-focused initiatives that aim to reinvigorate the sense of social cohesion in urban areas. A hugely successful discount retailer offering impulse products like fake moustaches and packs of salt licorice, Tiger is proving that consumers want brands with a purpose.

A team of developers in Switzerland has created a new kind of wool that reduces slaughterhouse waste by using leftover animal materials from meat manufacturers.

Patagonia is celebrating its 20-year presence in New York City with the launch of a revamped store that embodies the brand’s ideals.

Five hundred budding entrepreneurs have staged a weekend takeover of The Old Truman Brewery in London to launch Supa Market, the United Kingdom’s first youth-led pop-up market. The event enabled participants to “earn while they learned” about the retail industry.

New insight from financial services firm Cowen predicts Amazon will be the top US clothing retailer within two years. The firm sees Amazon’s market share jumping from 5% to 14% by 2020, “comfortably passing Macy’s” in 2017.

-Business of Fashion explores nutricosmetics—digestible beauty products that are expected to become a $7.4 billion industry by 2020. -In a special report dubbed “Food and the new east,” The Calvert Journal explores the changing palate of Eastern Europe. -As YouTube celebrity proliferates, The Kernel asks, “Can Hollywood turn YouTubers into movie stars?” -A writer for Fusion looks […]

A new brand called Abstract_ aims to give people ultra-customized looks based on their emotions. Danish designers Julie Helles Eriksen, Bjorn Karmann and Kristine Boesen have developed a way to use facial recognition technology to translate emotions into textile patterns, which customers can arrange onto various looks.


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