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-Vanity Fair takes an intimate look at the “dating apocalypse” of today’s app-enabled romance. -The Independent explores the decline of the UK nightclub scene as millennials opt for more Instagram-worthy experiences. -After facing social media backlash, Target is now doing away with gender distinctions in its toy and home goods aisles, reports Fast Company. -Facebook’s […]

A team of developers in Switzerland has created a new kind of wool that reduces slaughterhouse waste by using leftover animal materials from meat manufacturers.

Patagonia is celebrating its 20-year presence in New York City with the launch of a revamped store that embodies the brand’s ideals.

July 31, 2015


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A new Swedish startup is combating food waste with leftover fruit. FoPo takes nearly rotten fruit and turns it into a dry powder with a shelf life two years longer than normal fruit. The powder is being trialed in the Philippines as a way to provide disaster relief, as well as jobs, for poor communities.

The next big thing may be tiny. While the tiny house movement has begun as a niche phenomenon, seen online if at all, Getaway, a new startup from Harvard’s Millennial Housing Lab, aims to make tiny living mainstream.

-Business of Fashion explores nutricosmetics—digestible beauty products that are expected to become a $7.4 billion industry by 2020. -In a special report dubbed “Food and the new east,” The Calvert Journal explores the changing palate of Eastern Europe. -As YouTube celebrity proliferates, The Kernel asks, “Can Hollywood turn YouTubers into movie stars?” -A writer for Fusion looks […]

A new brand called Abstract_ aims to give people ultra-customized looks based on their emotions. Danish designers Julie Helles Eriksen, Bjorn Karmann and Kristine Boesen have developed a way to use facial recognition technology to translate emotions into textile patterns, which customers can arrange onto various looks.

There is a small army of refrigerators waging war on discarded leftovers in Spain. From Galdakao, near Bilbao, a grassroots initiative dubbed the “solidarity fridge” provides a place for locals to share and recycle leftovers, in a nod to the growing demand for action on food waste.

July 13, 2015

Cannes diary

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This year marked the 62nd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. In many ways the event has started to sprawl into SXSW Interactive territory in terms of big name celebrities, bulging fragmented schedules, and uber-networking. This year was marked by celebrity speakers including Monica Lewinsky, Pharrell Williams, Jamie Oliver, Marilyn Manson and Viola Davis. As […]

Amy’s Kitchen, known for its vegetarian frozen-food products, plans to open up its first fast-food spot, Amy’s Drive Thru, later this year. Located just north of San Francisco, the restaurant will offer a new take on fast food, serving exclusively vegetarian and 95% organic items.


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