Our three-part video series explores Cuba's economy, tourism and technology.

In January, a team of researchers from J. Walter Thompson Company traveled to Cuba to research emerging opportunities in the country. The result is The Promise of Cuba—both a long-form PDF report, and a three-part video series.

Click here for the report, or watch the videos here:

Part One: Economy

At a time of diplomatic rapprochement with the United States, Cubans express optimism that an end to decades of economic isolation is around the corner.


Part Two: Tourism

While many sectors have yet to benefit from improved US-Cuba ties, tourism will be the first to benefit. We look at why Cuba for Americans is “like the full moon for werewolves,” and how the tourism sector will develop going forward.


Part Three: Technology

The vast majority of Cubans lack regular access to the free and unregulated internet, and yet a thriving innovation economy has emerged on the island. We look at Cuban technology and the innovative character of the Cuban people.


For more, see the PDF report here.