Episode 1: The future of Women

Featuring Eva Goicochea, co-founder of Maude and Kejal Macdonald, VP of Brand Marketing for Icon at Thinx.

Our first episode explores the future of Women – or at least, changes and emerging trends in the world of women’s marketing and culture. We’ll be looking at how female-founded brands are starting to disrupt traditional Women’s verticals from Tampons to personal care with a fresh new tone of voice, product offer, and visual language, in line with an empowered and critical female audience. This is all happening in line with a generation of women for Fourth Wave feminism and isn’t just a subject dialogue – it’s a base rate value system that all female-oriented brands are expected to embrace.

Listen in as we meet Eva Goicochea, co-founder of Maude, a direct-to-consumer sexual wellness brand. We’ll also be joined by Kejal Macdonald, CMO of disruptor menstrual underwear brand Thinx and sister brand Icon.

Eva Goicochea
Kejal portrait
Kejal Macdonald