10 Years of 10 Trends


Our latest 10 Trends report celebrates a decade of trend forecasting, exploring 10 of the most compelling macro trends identified since JWTIntelligence began its annual forecasts—trends whose impact will be felt into the near future, the ones shaping societal behaviors and attitudes.


In this 202-page trend report:

  • Everything Is Retail
  • Food as the New Eco-Issue
  • Mobile Device as the Everything Hub
  • Going Private in Public
  • Buying the Experience
  • De-teching
  • Predictive Personalization
  • Queen Trumps King
  • Retooling for an Aging World
  • Cooperative Consumption

Product Description

New this year: Adding a more global perspective, the report is underpinned with JWT SONAR™ data across 12 markets. We surveyed a total of 6,063 adults aged 18-plus in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Thailand, the U.K. and the U.S. We also consulted with a range of experts and innovators, as well as our global planners and researchers.


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